Monday, August 24, 2009

About this project

Krk Nordenstrom, the city producer for the Seattle 48 Hour Film project, and Amy Enser, longtime Seattle 48HFP competitor and future event co-producer, decided it would be interesting to head down to Portland, OR with a couple of little video cameras, a couple of laptops and a ton of caffeine to follow a couple teams around during the 2009 Portland 48 Hour Film Project.

The idea was to get a lot of footage on the spot and upload it to YouTube as quickly as possible in hopes that the blogoshpere could get a taste of the crazy and incredible things the competing teams go through when making one of their films. Hopefully it paints a picture of not only how a film gets made in 48 hours, but also why the competitors do it.

Spending 5 days in Portland with the teams was an exhilarating experience. The Portland filmmaking community is so vibrant and supportive of one another. Rob Hatch has created an event that supports and nurtures this attitude. It was truly a pleasure to watch him in action.

Heading home!


Mirror Pond!

Brewery floor and awards


Uploading video

Where are all the Coffee Peoples?

Food kiosks in Portland

drinks with OCSF after the screening

Heading out for drinks

Coree congratulates OCSF on their film

Catching up with OCSF


Rob takes some pictures